An outdoor wedding event is a great idea when executed properly. It holds its advantages over indoor events and also disadvantages. Here are some things to consider when planning an outdoor wedding.

1.How much it cost: an outdoor event and an indoor event cost about the same when preparing in similar settings however if it’s a small wedding then outdoor weddings cost much lesser as they only need to spend for space requirements and not an entire hall regardless of audiences.

2.The best month to have an outdoor Indian wedding: June, September, and October are considered by many to be a good time for arranging an outdoor wedding as the temperature during these months are milder and hold a lesser risk of rain, high humidity, and heat.

3.Check the weather: arrange your wedding in a dry season, check for wedding forecasts beforehand and plan for a week without rain as that would bring you the least amount of risk for rain or snow. A month with mild temperature and less humidity will ensure you do not have to deal with wet grounds, strong winds, and other variables in the weather.

4.Kinds of weddings: outdoor weddings are arranged differently for different locations. Common venues like beaches, lawns, resorts, hill stations, and cruises all hold different challenges when arranging the event. E.g., Beaches are sandy and do not have a steady ground for certain activities while hill stations often hold more chances for rainfall, and thus a tarpaulin to protect during rains would be required. Understanding your venue would make your planning much easier.

5.Book suitable decorator: decorators aren’t made equal and certain decorators perform better and hold more experience in arranging outdoor events for a certain type. So, when hiring a decorator consider hiring the services of a decorator that is more suitable for your venue.

6.Finalize wedding invitation card along with design and wordings – an outdoor wedding hold so much potential for some creative Indian wedding card designs especially in the wording and design factors. Consider hiring a professional to complete your invitation weeks before the event so you can have it send at the earliest online or offline.

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7.Book accommodations: an outdoor wedding is quite a common event in resorts and beach towns and thus when arranging. Ensure you have pre-book accommodations for your guests to avoid any inconvenience later. It is also wise to have two or three rooms available for any extra guests that might arrive. This is true when the event is arranged for a larger crowd.

8.Finalize menus for your functions: the easiest way to a person’s heart is through its stomach and such an emotional event deserves an equally well thought out menu. Consider planning and finalizing the menu way before the event with the cater.

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9.Finalize photographers: Indoor photography is different from outdoor photography with newer factors to consider like natural lighting, wind, etc. you might want to hire photographers that are suited to outdoor photography for your outdoor event.

10.Book all entertainers for all functions: to create the best ambiance, entertainers are often hired for weddings. Finalize all bookings with the entertainers you intend to hire and ensure all their needs for their performance from equipment to space is provided well before time to ensure a hassle-free experience.

11.Go through cake designs: cakes have become integral in weddings with several flavors and designs for choice, preparation for them can be quite complicated. Thus, many recommend planning for them weeks in advance so if there are changes, one can have them changed well within time.

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12.Buy all your wedding outfits and accessories: wedding outfits in recent years have massive changes from traditional designs to opting for more unconventional designs. Often wedding plans entail entire costumes with guests requested to dress in color codes to enhance the festive spirit of the event. In such cases, it is good to have your outfits and accessories bought and sorted well before the event. This leaves you with ample time for changes if required.

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